Pharmacogenomics and Omics Technologies Journal

Pharmacogenomics and Omics Technologies Journal published in Persian and English and includes articles related to the field of personalized medicine and interdisciplinary topics.

Hobbyists, researchers and experts can be fully respected and the principles contained in the Guide for Authors, journal articles submitted to the electronic system until after the review, if approved, in turn, is published quarterly. Obviously, the lack of the listed cause rejection or delay in the process of scientific review, publishing articles will be received.

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Editorial Board

Current Issue : 2nd Year/ No,7/2017 Automn
ISSN : 5538-2476
Responsible Director : Dr.Seyed Massoud Houshmand
Editor In Chief : Seyyed Nayyere Moslehi
Magazine Owner : AmitisGen Med TECH Group
The editorial board for the Personalized Medicine Journal is the following Categories Commitee. This publication invites faculty members from universities, science centers and enthusiasts to collaborate on the relevant Categories of the journal.

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